Jerry Jones Research Paper

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Is Jerry Jones the best General Manager in the NFL???? “Jerry the Owner needs to fire Jerry the General Manager”. If you follow the Dallas Cowboys no doubt you’ve heard that a time or two. I myself have probably said something similar or worse at one point in time. Undoubtedly the subject of Jerry Jones the General Manager is somewhat clouded by the revisionist history most Cowboys fans use when talking about Jimmy Johnson. Then the old “the only reason Jerry ever won a Super Bowl was because of Jimmy”, always comes up in the conversation. Is it fair? Or do we look at Jimmy with rose-colored glasses and forgot about the contributions Jerry had in those quest for Lombardi trophies? It’s hard to even talk about one without the other (Jerry…show more content…
None! That’s right, Jerry Jones is the one and only GM in the NFL that has won three Super Bowls. Ultimately we measure the success of a franchise by how many championships they win and the Cowboys are still tied with the 49’ers for the second most Super Bowl victories of any franchise in the NFL with five. The Pittsburg Steelers hold the #1 spot with six. Super Bowls are great for an overall view of the quality of a franchise over time but they don’t really give us a realistic look at how that franchise stacks up against the others on a year-to-year basis. Playoff appearances on the other hand do. It’s impossible to win a Super Bowl if you can’t make the playoffs. Going to the playoffs generally means that team was better than most in the league and can possibly contend for a Super Bowl. Lets take a look at how well Jerry Jones the General Manager has faired in making the playoffs without Jimmy Johnson as the head coach. I myself thought I had a pretty good idea what the results would be but I have to admit I was a little shocked by what I found. So here we go. These are playoff appearances by division since
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