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Is Jerry Rice worthy of being in the 2010 National Football League Hall of Fame? Many people think so, though some disagree. Jerry Rice deserves to be in the 2010 National Football League Hall of Fame because of his statistics, character, and awards and records. Like many other great NFL players, Jerry Rice has one of the best character there is. There is one story with Jerry and his nephew, Darius. Jerry had grown up putting down bricks for work. He knew it was hard, but he never gave up. Darius learned from his uncle and took this when he played basketball. In particular, according to Darius Rice, “If you want to find a role model, Uncle Jerry is the one” (Pucin). Jerry had influenced Darius his whole life. Darius knew how Jerry worked. For example, as Darius Rice said, “His work ethic…show more content…
When Jerry Rice retired, he had thirty eight NFL records. He had earned a total of ten awards. He has three Super Bowl championships under his belt. Jerry had gotten the NFL All-Rookie Team award in 1985. He had played in thirteen pro bowls. Eleven of those were in a row from the 1986 season to the 1996 season. In 1987, Jerry Rice was awarded AP Offensive Player of the Year. In addition, he also received the Bert Bell Award in 1987. Jerry had been selected for the NFL First Team All-Pro ten times. Five of those were in a row from 1986 to 1990. Even though he did not make it in 1991, he bounced back and got NFL First Team All-Pro five times in a row again from 1992 to 1996. In addition, his longest reception is ninety six yards. He had a total of 1256 points scored in his NFL career. Majority of his records come from playing with the San Francisco 49ers. The rest come from his time with the Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks. Even though some receivers reach some of the standards of Jerry Rice’s level, he still tops them

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