Jerry Sandusky: Happy Valley Or Nittanyville

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Happy Valley Essay When you hear the words Penn State or State College spoken, people 's minds don’t immediately think of the history of sports in Happy Valley or Nittanyville, which what most students of Penn State still call Paternoville. They think of the Jerry Sandusky child sexual assault case. Jerry Sandusky served as the assistant coach under Joe Paterno during 1969 to 1999. He retired, but still maintained an office and worked with the Second-Mile at Penn State up until 2011. Jerry Sandusky was found guilty of forty-five out of forty-eight sexual assault cases and is currently serving a thirty to sixty year life sentence in the Pennsylvania State prison . Happy Valley is a documentary, that showed an insight into the gruesome activities that happened at Penn State surrounding the Jerry Sandusky 's child sexual assault case and how it affected this college football community. First off, how did the community reacted to the documentary? The documentary was screened on November 14 at Penn State, State Theatre, where there was, also after the film a question and answer forum for the community to ask the film 's consulting producer Mark…show more content…
My personal opinion on whether or not Joe Paterno should have been fired, have everything taken away from him, including all of his wins and the statute in front of the stadium taken down. Despite the fact, I do not think that Joe should have been fired at all. He did what he was supposed to do, and reported the incident to the next higher upper. Although, could he had done more, of course he could have. Paterno even stated in the film when talking to the bibliographer “I wished I had done more”. I think people expected more out of Joe since he was treated like royalty at Penn
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