Jerry Sandusky Scandal Case Study

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Jerry Sanduski, an assistant football coach for the Penn State, engaging in sexual abuse of children over a period of at least fifteen years. The scandal broke tate Nittany Lions in early November 2011 when Sandusky was indicted on fifty-two counts of child molestation. Although Sandusky's abuse may have begun in the 1970s, he was charged with abuse that occurred between 1994 and 2009. , obstruction of justice, failure to report suspected child abuse, and related charges. The Board of Trustees commissioned an independent investigation by former FBI director Louis Freeh and his law firm. The Freeh Report stated that Spanier and Paterno, along with Curley and school vice president Gary Schultz, had known about allegations of child abuse on Sandusky's …show more content…

But, Merenstein noted, Spanier was acquitted of a sister child endangerment count graded as a felony because of the alleged course of conduct.
Deputy Attorney General Gregory Simatic asked the judges to consider the context for the jury's verdict, arguing the only reason the course of conduct question ever got before the jury was to decide whether Spanier's offense would be graded as a felony or misdemeanor.( © 2018 PA Media Group) Sandusky, as the world now knows, was later convicted of serial sexual abuse of 10 boys between 1994 and 2008, including at least three cases that followed the McQueary …show more content…

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The former president has remained free on bail pending his appeal.
Spanier, whose 16-year tenure as president ended abruptly with Sandusky's November 2011 arrest, recently completed a separation agreement with the university that saw him paid $600,000 per year. He had no formal duties or assignments for the university during that time.
Spanier continues now as a tenured faculty member at Penn State on paid administrative leave. As per university policy, his current salary is confidential.

Penn State is doing well considering the trauma that accrued
At some point, we all can say that we have been affected by a sex abuse case. Of course, we all tend to believe at the time of the incident that one will not be able to recover from a incident such as this but a recovery is possible if illustrated correctly as Penn illustrated during this incident. The takeaway is not Joe Paterno’s legacy. We should be more vigilant about preventing child abuse, and understanding the stories of those

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