Jerry Sternadel Case Study

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Once the Jerry’s death cause was known to the public due to coroner’s insistence on an autopsy, news correspondents invaded Jerry Sternadel’s ranch, but two important events occured. First, Tom Bradley knew about Jerry’s death being profiled as murder, so he calls the police and tells them about how he got sick after drinking the cranberry juice. He voluntarily accepts to do a blood test and the results came back positive from arsenic levels. Then, after this, the police started to investigate the case deeper to discover where the poison came from. It was traced to a bottle of cranberry juice -Jerry’s favorite, the one Tom Bradley also drank and got sick- that was in a trash bag on the Sternadel estate. They were able to trace it since they found the trash bag buried in the yard, why would someone do so? And inside the bag they found the bottle. It had soap bubbles inside, why would anyone clean a bottle you’re about to throw away? Yet, the bottle was sloppily cleaned, so the police officers could test the bottle and found the arsenic traces. Bingo.…show more content…
But nobody knew who did it, it was an apparent mystery. In 1991, Debra, Lou Ann and Tony moved to San Marcos and began a trucking business with Jerry’s life insurance money. But then, this story has another astonishing and casual plot twist. The following year, about two years after Jerry’s death, someone stopped paying rent on a storage unit in Wichita Falls, Debra Lynn Baker and Tony Baker’s hometown. When the owner went into the unit, he found tons documents and bills belonging to Jerry Sternadel, so he calls the police. The cops went to the unit and registered it. They found a huge bottle of arsenic poison for rats. The unit was registered by Kathy Simmons but had the direction of Debra Lynn Baker in Holiday, Texas. Bingo, pt. 2. We have a

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