Jesse Debenport's Hey Daddy

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In the poem, “Hey Daddy (please come back)” by Jesse Debenport, Jesse’s father removed himself from his son’s life. Although not directly stated, it is my most educated guess that his dad didn’t necessarily want to leave, while on the other hand Jesse longed for and was desperate for love and affection from his father. Based off of the poem, it is clear Jesse loved his dad very much and was wishful for a tight, close, father-son relationship. “I wish I could just let you know, how much I don’t want you to leave, how much I appreciate your company.” Unfortunately, no matter how badly Jesse wanted his father to stay, he remained silent, not takin any action towards his situation. Already hard enough for the father, who did not feel in place as the role of a dad, or responsible enough to support a family, he often felt rejected. So…show more content…
The first years of Jesse’s life were companied by a father who worked all day, barging through the door, crashing onto the couch in the early morning. Only to find his father after just a few hours was once again no longer present. Jesse and his brother sometimes would watch his father sleep restless with gasping breaths. His brother would respond from result of this scene, horrifying to him, “Jesse, I don’t want daddy to go to work today.” Those struggling years of the fathers evanesce soon fizzled to an end. Leaving Jesse torn apart from within, “I tried to hold back the tears, but I couldn’t, I cried, it hurt so badly, I could have died.” His father was the most important person in Jesse’s life, affecting his views and happiness. “Hey Daddy, friend, brother, dad.” Jesse’s emotions for his loss have still not yet to coincide with the idea of moving on and the strength needed. A devastating story, Jesse still left in dismay, grieving along with his brother has left in an unimaginably painful
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