Jesse James's 'Night Job'

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Jesse James. “Never look down on someone unless you’re helping them up.” -Jesse James. One of the most famous quotes from the infamous Jesse James. Jesse portrayed a Robin Hood character by stealing and giving it to the poor. Although, Jesse James was just another outlaw, her had a supporting family and a conflicting lifestyle that led to his infamous death. Jesse James had a total of seven siblings. (Three blood siblings and four half siblings.) After his father had gotten ill and passed away, Zerelda James, his widow, remarried and abandoned her four kids. She quickly came to realization that she was not happy with her current marriage and left her husband and once again remarried, taking her kids with her. During her last marriage,she…show more content…
By day he was a loving husband and father, but by night he was a vicious murderer and a thief. The cause of Jesse’s “Night Job” was because of his brother Frank James for being a Confederate Guerilla Soldier. ( 1) Jesse had a total of 47 robberies and hundereds of murders. He went with Frank and rebelled against the Union Soldiers, causing a bloody battle leaving two hundred soldiers dead. After the rebellion the James brothers teamed up with Bloody Bill’s Gang and Robert Ford's Gang. Together, they went and tried to rob a man on his stagecoach, but they accidentally killed two innocent people, thus the people creating a reward for their gangs, dead or alive. ( 1) Jesse (By himself), stole over two hundred thousand dollars in total. While teamed up, Jesse proclaimed that he was a “Modern Robin Hood” by giving what they stole to the poor. (…show more content…
When he reached out towards the wall, he was shot in the back of his head by Robert Ford. Robert Ford and his gang planned to assassinate Jesse and collect the reward. ( 1) One of the worst days for his wife and children when they walked in and Jesse lying in a puddle of blood on the floor. Frank James was so devastated because, the only person who ever understood him was gone. The world was happy and sad. They all celebrated his death but others mourned it. People made over sixty movies for him and over hundreds of books and articles devoted to him. ( 1) “We are not thieves, we are bold robbers. I am proud of the name, for Alexander the Great was a bold robber, and Julius Caesar, and Napoleon Bonaparte.” -Jesse James. The James family suffered but they had to learn to live on. His wife and two children never forgot him. Most of all Frank kept him in his mind everyday, till the day he died. No matter how hard it
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