Jesse Owens Character Traits

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Jesse Owens The man who lead the way for Black people to succeed in life is a man from Oakville, Alabama. (""Jesse Owens." ).Jesse Owens was the American Hero for black people in sports and in life. There are three ways Jesse Owens paved the way for black people to succeed. Jesse Owens Childhood, Athletic Career, and being called an American Hero have proven that African American people can succeed in life. Jesse Owens childhood prepared him to be a very successful African American male.
Jesse Owens Childhood made him be the man that he is today. When Jesse was little he started running track.("Jesse Owens." ). One day when Jesse was in the fifth grade little Jesse Owens was asked to run track by the athletic director and he said yes. Jesse’s dad Henry Owens outran other men on Sunday afternoons and that’s where he got his speed and running ability from.("Jesse Owens.) Jesse Owens Childhood prepared him for all of the things that he faced in his life. When Jesse was born he came along as a surprise and his mother called him a gift child. ("Jesse Owens. )When Jesse was little he suffered from pneumonia and chest colds which made him fight and make him stronger.("Jesse
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When Owens knew he was an role model he took it seriously, and that made him become an inspiration to people who faced the same obstacles that held him back.( "Jesse Owens.").If Jesse Owens did not succeed in life then black people would have From 1940 to 1942 he was the leader of the Office of Civilian Defense’s national director of physical education for black americans.("Jesse Owens.").When Jesse was selling sporting goods he became involved in programs designed to keep blacks out of trouble by encouraging them to play sports. ("Jesse Owens.).When Jesse was a director of black personnel for the Ford Motor Company, he resigned to become a salesman for sporting goods.("Jesse
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