1936 Berlin Olympics: Jesse Owens's Aryan Race

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Just imagine being in an event like the Olympics, man that would be something. It would be crazy competing in front of thousands of people from many different countries around the world. Most Olympic games have different stories or memories that are always embedded in people’s brains forever, yet nothing compared to the 1936 Berlin Olympics. In 1936, like I said, Berlin, Germany hosted the games in an attempt to create positive propaganda that promoted Adolf Hitler and his Aryan race. Conflict arose though when Jesse Owens, a black American athlete, swept a round of medals, proving that the Aryan race was not supreme. Owens went on to win four gold medals that embarrassed Hitler along with many Aryan runners that competed.
Before the Olympics
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This time it felt a little different, many people greeted them with open arms and were congratulating them on their wins. However, President Roosevelt snubbed them and didn’t send out the most positive vibe. In Germany, many people began to realize who the true Adolf Hitler was and that the Aryan race was not superior. Hitler began to execute many Jews and started a horrific event that many people know as the Holocaust. The games frustrated and embarrassed Hitler enough that he took action in the worst possible way. For Jesse Owens, he became a nationally known figure and became very popular for his running skills. The New York Mets even took notice and hired Owens as a running coach (Christopher Klein, section 9).
People will remember the 1936 Berlin Olympic games forever. Hitler’s attempt to create positive propaganda that promoted his Aryan race had a major set back after men like Jesse Owens came in snatching gold medals from many different events and competitions. These Olympics made many people realize who Hitler was, what he was about, and why he was really hosting the games. They sparked many different conflicts throughout Germany, and even throughout the world. If you were living back in 1936 you would consider the Olympics as an
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