Jessi Mann's Sacrifice: A Narrative Fiction

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Jessi Mann stood in front of her floor-to-ceiling mirror, brushing her long brown hair while she listened to the pop music emitting from her stereo. She had the same routine each morning: get up, eat, prepare for school, and listen to the radio so that she was caught up on all the news from the past twenty-four hours. Only, today was different. The reporter came on for the two-minute newscast with a statement that shocked Jessi to the core. "The body of fifteen year old Katie Jacobson has been discovered in the local park earlier this morning. In her fingers, laid a single red rose, the symbol of the serial killer that has been terrorizing—" The brush slipped out of her hand and hit the ground with a light thump. She stared in horror…show more content…
Nobody is allowed outside after nine. Any still out will be locked up in custody for the night. Remember, this is for your safety. Thank you,” the policeman said, bidding their farewell. Cries of outrage echoed through the gymnasium. Jessi didn’t really care about the curfew. She was never outside after dark. *** The rest of the day was long and depressing for Jessi. Barely anybody spoke and the ones who did only said one sentence before falling silent again. When the final bell of the day had rung, the school evacuated quietly. Jessi walked home alone, like she always did. Nobody went to the school where she lived, so she never had anyone to walk with. When her house came into view, she sped up, hoping to get home in time to do her homework. Most of the teachers just let the students have the day off, but a few dispensed assignments like nothing had ever happened. It somewhat offended Jessi. Just as she closed the gate that sealed off their property from the street, Jessi froze in her place. Her eyes had fallen upon an object on the ground. Her heartbeat sped up faster than she thought it could go when her mind finally processed what it could mean. Lying on the ground was a single red

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