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Jessica Cox. The fact that she is able to do rather difficult tasks without her arms and hands is interesting. She speaks out to people all over the word to tell them that nothing can hold them back from doing what they want to do in their life. Jessica Cox inspires others and I. Jessica Cox was born on February 2nd 1983 with a rare birth defect preventing her from having arms. In spite of her disability, she has learned to live her life with her feet, substituting her hands and has made amazing achievements. She was also the first person with no arms to get a black belt in the American Taekwondo Association and has a black belt in the American Taekwondo Association. The instructor that helped get her there is her current husband, Patrick Chamberlain.…show more content…
She got to become a certified scuba diver, is a pilot and has a black belt in Taekwondo, which is amazing. She makes me grateful for having my arms as she does not have them. I also chose Jessica after reading about her and she inspires me to do whatever I set my mind to. She also taught me how to never say "I can 't", because I can. Jessica Cox contributes to the society by giving motivational speeches to people around the globe. She talks about how her disability does not keep her back from doing what she wants to do. She has been in 6 continents and 20 different countries speaking to people about her journey and motivating them to follow their dreams. She has spoken to hundreds of students in Ghana telling them to push their limits and prove everyone who doubts you wrong. Jessica Cox is a person that I look up to and inspires me to go after my dreams. She is interesting because of her life story and surprises people with what she can do. She helps people to never doubt themselves and tells them that they will be surprised with what they can do, as well as achieve. I chose Jessica Cox for my speech because she is unique. She travels the world to spread her message because her life is inspiring and is yet to be even
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