Jessica Jones Case Study Essay

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Health Study Describe the protective behaviours and risk behaviours of Jessica Jones. Outline the potential health problems for Jessica and use current statistics and factual information to support your answer. Individuals take part in many behaviours, some that impose a risk on our health, whilst others enhance our overall health. The case study on Jessica Jones presents many risky behaviours that are not balanced out by protective behaviours. Risk behaviors are lifestyle choices and actions that increase the likelihood that someone would contract disease, illness or injuries. The risk behavior, smoking, is prominent in society with two in three lifetimes smokers dying in Australia due to their habits and in this case study, is undertaken…show more content…
People who experience a strong sense of social connectedness have an improved immune system and have significantly lower rates of anxiety and depression. Those with low social connection generally recover slowly from disease and are most likely to risk take and involve themselves in violence and dangerous activities. What degree of control does Jessica have over her health? Describe her modifiable and her non-modifiable health determinants and suggest strategies to modify her personal health behaviour. Individuals have control over their health and this control is only limited by non-modifiable health determinants and modifiable health determinants that the individual chooses not to alter. In the case of Jessica Jones a combination of both modifiable and non-modifiable determinants that are or potentially could, affect her health. Non-modifiable health determinants cannot be changed, however procedures can be put in place to avoid and try to prevent them from causing detrimental problems. Jessica Jones, just as all humans do has non-modifiable health determinants. These include her age, genetics, environmental factors and
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