Jessica Reel As A True Traitor In The Hit By Vince Flynn

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The first page of the book, The Hit by Vince Flynn begins with Jessica Reel, one of the top assassins on the CIA payroll, looking down the barrel of her rifle at one of America’s most hated enemies. Her handler is counting down the seconds until the kill when, all of a sudden everything goes wrong. With her handler dead, Reel has one name crossed off her list. Now though, it is about to get much harder because she is branded as a traitor to her country. But is she actually a traitor? With Will Robie, the CIA’s top assassin, hunting her down, ready to take her in dead or alive, Reel is running out of time. That is unless she can somehow get people to trade sides. With the American citizens and high ranking officials of other countries in grave danger, Reel and her affiliates have very little time to catch the perpetrators. I will be keying in on three searches within this book; one being the search of truth for Will Robie, the second being the search of personal closure for Jessica …show more content…

Robie’s operators have given specific instructions to him about how he should deal with Reel. The instructions he has been given are; “We have to get her, alive or dead. Alive, preferably, so we can find out just what the hell happened.” (Baldacci 24). Robie is trained to follow orders to a tee. Robie has many uncanny skills and senses that sets him apart fro others, but he is still a human. He will not be a dog, and listen to his handlers exclusively and to the point. ☺(Metaphor) He can still question the motives of his superiors. That is what he is doing with Jessica Reel. The two of them are very similar and that is what has Robie second-guessing his job. Will Robie investigates the two assinations done by Reel, and after some internal investigating, he is starting to discover the truth that he wants. As much as Robie is searching for the truth, Jessica Reel is searching for personal

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