Children Need To Play Not Compete By Jessica Statsky Summary

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In “children Need to Play, Not compete.” Jessica Statsky brings out the emerging trend of the harmful competitive sports among the young children under the age of fourteen. The drawbacks of introducing such sport at a young age result in mental and physical problems along with losing of potential player dues to the selection method. She talks about the psychological pressure the children face to meet the standard set by their parents and coaches.
Jessica goes on further, explaining and supporting her point of view regarding these competitive sports with different sources. She points out that the children are put under the unnecessary physical burden that their week and developing bodies can’t handle. This kind of harsh physical activity can hinder their growth. The fear of the physical pain makes the children quit and they hardly enjoy the sports at all. I recall when I used to make lame excuses avoid playing in the field because a huge guy kicked me once and I developed the fear of heavy build guys.
Other than this the excruciating selection trail leaves the hopes and dream of the young children’s in shambles when they can’t make the cut due to one mark. The selection of only the best players leaves no opportunity for average
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I could have never even thought of the numerous ways these sports can damage a child's personality. Statsky’s essay is right on point, explaining all the harmful aspects of these sports. Having faced most of the circumstances mentioned in the essay, I totally agree that these matters need serious considerations. The authentic evidence presented by Jessica gives weight to her arguments. The essay shines the light on the facts and events faced by anyone who has entered or tried to enter the sport’s world. This gives more strength to her statements as they relate to the issue present today in our
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