Jessica Statsky's Proof Of Competition

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In the article, Children Need to Play, Not Compete, Jessica Statsky states that children now a day are very competitive, and she does not approve. She thinks Pee Wee sports are not enjoyable anymore because children are afraid of getting injured. Also, children do not smile anymore because the sport becomes a job for them. She claims that parents and coaches are pressuring the kids to be better and win all the time, and kids compete more to live up to their expectations and become depressed. Now the games are on the parent’s standards and it can affect the child both physically and psychologically. She brings proof how competition affects children like a kid vomiting. She points out that children should not compete because it might affect a child’s future, but really children need competition in their life because then they can learn valuable lessons in life. But, there is a problem with competition because it is too aggressive and children could get injured. Jessica Statsky brings proof of how competition is affecting children, but it is inefficiently. One proof she brings is, “the…show more content…
The author is incorrect when she explains, “Too much competition too early in life can affect a child’s development” (54). Children need competition in their life because it teaches the child teamwork, cooperation, and individual performance. If children do not have struggles in their life then they will think life is easy and everything is handed to them, but life isn’t easy you need to work hard. So by quitting competitive sports they are quitting in working hard. When the child grows up and gets a job they might need to fight for raises, and the competition when they were young would help them when they are older. Children need competition when they are young so it could help them fight for what they want in life and not
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