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Jessica Stemp is a 27-year-old female army veteran with no pertinent past medical history presents with insomnia and irritability. Jessica, an administrator assistant at the chaplain services at Veteran Affairs was urged to come in by her employer or boss following a verbal and physical altercation two days ago with a client who wanted to reschedule an appointment with her boss - This event happen in light of her potentially being laid off because of her performance at work as well as her tardiness. She doesn’t remember the progression of the encounter however, she just remembers shoving the client. She describes how this never happen before. Additional symptoms she has been experiences has been lack of focus, nightmares, depressed, anxious, headaches with double vision and increased sensitivity to light about 2 times a week or 3 time per month, experiencing flashbacks following certain smells and loud noises. To alleviate her…show more content…
She Moved in after serving in the army as an automotive mechanic 2 years ago. She was divorced prior to finishing her service in which she notes that her husband no longer helps with their daughter. She for the past 2 years’ work as a administrative assistant at the chaplain department at Veteran affairs. She described work as being stressful because she is her inability to perform well, concentrate, Tardiness, and recent altercation. Many of this she notes may be influenced by her insomnia and depressed mood. During her service in the army she vividly describes several specific instance that caused her psychological and physical trauma, namely a head injury. As noted above since then she has experienced nightmares, flashbacks and hypersensitive state. She notes that her worries and anxiety is temporally alleviated when she is engaged with her daughter. She denies alcohol abuse but admits to two to three drinks a week. She denies drug usage and sexual
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