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Jessica Young topic on the speech is graphic design. She thoroughly explains what graphic design is and expresses how important is it and why we use it. She mentions that graphic design also involves more than just computer automated software but also gestalts psychology. She comes out very strong with her speech and tone of voice, towards the concept of different types of designing. There is a bigger impact of graphic design on society today. There is more to say in an ad or magazine if we tend to look just beyond the logo itself.
She give us a few examples such as “Walt Disney” and the “Starbucks” logos which are known nationally across the world. These design are easy to identify also very common to us, and then shows us not very common ones such as “mitsubishi” which is a type of car and then “WRV” which is wave riding vehicles which are tougher to spot out. Graphic design is a skills and art of combining texts and pictures as advertisements, magazine or books, but there is actually little fun design to it to this. These are constructed to catch the viewers eyes and attention which does a great job.
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She has taken one art class every year since kindergarten, and in high school she had designed t-shirts and sold them in school. Young also constructed poster for the KEY club she was in, and this is more than enough credibility for her experience in graphic design. She has been involved with some type of design or art form since she was very young, you can see as she gains more knowledge and her passion that grows and grows as years go by. Now she has excelled and has a degree in the field, and can show how effective her knowledge is on the topic. These designs start as building blocks and have to have a specific meaning using all six principles of graphic

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