Jessie De La Cruz Essay

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Jessie Lopez De La Cruz. “The Women Have to Be Involved” The farmworkers ' movement was established in the 1960s which are still present was founded César E. Chávez. It 's National Association, the United Farm Workers, looks for congressional enactment to ensure reasonable wages and treatment of undocumented specialists. Cesar Chavez may have driven the La Causa movement (Farm Work Union), however, it was because of the tirelessness of supporters like Jessie Lopez de la Cruz that the cause got national consideration and impacted work laws. Soto met Jessie de la Cruz, now in her 80s, in a get-together of the California Rural Assistance League in 1998 and not long after started talking with her. Through her stories of her life as a kid worker, a youthful mother working under tiresome conditions in the fields, a union coordinator, and in the end a little ranch proprietor, Soto…show more content…
From the age of five in the 1920s, Jessie De La Cruz tilled the ground in the San Joaquin Valley in California with her transient family, dozing in tents and rummaging for sustenance, with no reprieve from the backbreaking work. Presently, Chicano essayist Soto (who worked in the fields in secondary school and college) has thought of her history, in light of individual interviews. It 's an account of her everyday work more than six decades furthermore of her part as a United Farm Worker coordinator. The written work style is undistinguished, not Soto taking care of business, but rather high schoolers will be gotten by the truths of her hardship and battle. The memoir weaves together one overcome women 's life and the political history of the ranch laborer development. From the Depression to the grape strike to the farmworkers ' battle to possess a portion of the area they work, this is blending American history. A focal photograph embed demonstrates De La Cruz in the fields, on the walks, at her wedding. Attached is her moving Congressional affirmation that says it in her own words (Rose,
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