Jessymol Case Study Essay

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Case 9
Experience of Jessymol
Jessymol is sixteen years old studying in Grade 8. She has her father, mother, elder brother and a sister at home. Jessymol’s mother has been a mental patient for 16 years, ever since Jessymol was born. Her father is a painter. Her elder brother discontinued his studies and works for daily wages. Her elder sister is a higher secondary student. The condition of her family became worse when the doctor diagnosed her mother’s severe paranoid schizophrenia.
Jessymol shares frankly and with so much of grief in heart the humiliation she suffers at the hands of her family members and relatives, especially her maternal grandmother who always curses Jessymol for the sickness of her mother. She cannot bear the
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Her father encourages her in studies. She says,

“My father’s suggestion is that I should study and get a job so that we can take care of our mother. My mother too wants us scale higher in life. The parents cannot help us since they are not well educated. The atmosphere of my family is not conducive for studies. Though my parents encourage me to study well the atmosphere at home is not good enough for that. When I sit for study the thought of my mother comes to my mind, the curses of my grandmother resound in my ears, and I feel remorse towards myself and think that I should not have been born”. The failure of one subject has pained her a lot. Sometimes she feels disappointed and thinks of dropping out of school. But still she continues her effort. Jessymol earnestly anticipates that her desire to become a nurse will be fulfilled.
Preparing for marriage and family life
When talked about marriage, she reacted with certain amount of uneasiness. She has never got any direction or guidance about family and married life, and therefore has no clear idea about the same. Whenever her friends share about their dreams and aspirations about their future married life and about their would-be bridegrooms, she feels a void for doesn’t have anything to talk about regarding these
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