Jesus As A Rabbi/Teacher And Jesus As A Healer

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Write an essay outlining your understanding of two of the following New Testament images of Jesus. Jesus as a Rabbi/Teacher and Jesus as a Healer. The New Testament can be viewed as God at work in Christ. It is through the New Testament we can examine the images of Jesus as a Rabbi and a Healer. Generally people view the New Testament as more modern and realistic than the Old Testament which allows us to see a clearer image of Jesus. (Sheenan, 2001) explains how Jesus was a teacher of prayer however Jesus left no written records, he and his disciples quoted the Old Testament. However reliable accounts were needed of his teaching and healings were needed for communities this led to the emergence of the Gospels in the New Testament. This established a basis for our New Testament images of Jesus. (Rausch, 2003) notes the earliest Christians used various images for Jesus including teacher and prophet. These titles were derived from the Old Testament and Hebrew scriptures as the New Testament was not yet written. A rabbi is a Jewish spiritual leader who is a scholar of Torah laws and customs. The word rabbi comes from the Hebrew raba, meaning revered. Rabbis may serve a number of roles within a Jewish community, including motivational speakers, Torah legal authorities, teachers, mentors or therapists. This title as such presents a well-respected member of society because of the value of this person within a community as they have many roles. This would suggest that Jesus was

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