Jesus Christ And Muhammad

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Jesus Christ and Muhammad’s influences and teachings of the way individuals should live their lives were similar in certain ways. First of all, both Jesus Christ and Muhammad’s views on the old testament was that it was the word of God, and they taught their followers or disciples this. Also, both men considered Abraham to be the example of how to be obedient to God and how we should serve him. People all around the world from both religions, do their best to emulate the devotion and faith of Abraham toward God. Additionally, another similarity between Jesus Christ and Muhammad’s teachings, is that those they taught had recorded the words, teachings, and experiences of both religious figures, that were turned into scripture that is considered to be the word of God and studied by billions of people around the world today. Both religious figures were the same in that they grew up in poverty, a very basic humble upbringing, they also lived a life of persecution for their beliefs. Muhammad, like Jesus, respected women even though the culture at the time did not. Chatting with Ahmad, he explains what Muhammad teaches Muslims, he teaches about Islam, to worship God alone, and also that Islam enjoins good characteristics such as truthfulness, patience, deliberation, kindness, humility, modesty, keeping promises, dignity, mercy, justice, courage, patience, friendliness, contentment, chastity, good treatment, tolerance, trustworthiness, gratitude for favors, and self-control
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