The God Delusion Analysis

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Ignorance of the mystery of the Christ
The central theme of God’s written Word is based on His cherished heart’s desire. He wants to make man in His own image and likeness and no less; He wants to share His vast possessions with man and He even gives them dominion, to rule and reign with Him; hence He sends His Son to take man’s place bearing the punishment for sin and breaking the curse. His Son Jesus went through the most ignominious and cruel death after choosing twelve apostles taken from different walks of life.
Most of these men were informally educated. They were culturally trained as Jewish bread winners to their families and chose to follow the Master; who all the while kept His eyes on one super zealous Jewish intellectual with
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“The rest of us are expected to defend our prejudices. But ask a religious person to justify their faith and you infringe ‘religious liberty” p.45; In the whole of chpt.4 of ‘The God Delusion,’ Dawkins also draws from statistical data, reasons why religious people compared to atheists, have lower IQs: As challenging and infuriating as his statements may be, we must examine honestly our position within the scope of our God-given guidelines to see why Dawkins and his peers have been allowed the unwavering advantage to question with good reason, our beliefs in general terms of…show more content…
Scientifically David C. Pack of Real Truth Magazine, Aug.2014 edition, in his article “Existence of God Logically Proven” p1, draws attention to the example of the US and the setting of the national clock which is set to precise measurements in conjunction with the master clock of the universe: In 1967 scientists built an atomic clock using Cesium 133 atoms because they oscillate (swing to and fro) at the rate of 9.192,631,770 times per second producing accuracy within one second every 30 million years. Cesium, 133 seconds never vary. They are steady, constant and reliable. Only God could have designed the complexity and reliability of these atoms. Pack continues to exhibit the accuracy of national clocks to prove the existence of
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