Jesus Christ: Ignorance Of The Mystery Of Christ

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Ignorance of the mystery of the Christ The central theme of God’s written Word is based on His cherished heart’s desire. He wants to make man in His own image and likeness and no less; He wants to share His vast possessions with man and He even gives them dominion, to rule and reign with Him; hence He sends His Son to take man’s place bearing the punishment for sin and breaking the curse. His Son Jesus went through the most ignominious and cruel death after choosing twelve apostles taken from different walks of life. Most of these men were informally educated. They were culturally trained as Jewish bread winners to their families and chose to follow the Master; who all the while kept His eyes on one super zealous Jewish intellectual with uncontrollable passion akin to murder for his superior Jewish beliefs, to bring the birthing of the chosen seed into alignment; calling this, the mystery of the Christ. This part of the journey has nothing to do with natural Israel, who has done a monumental work with the Old Testament requirements; but now in Christ Jesus it is a time for the election of grace; yet God has not forgotten Israel, His chosen one. Paul’s revelatory teaching became a hideous offense to his Jewish peers, and they were determined to kill him, but this mystery was too profound and exhilaratingly glorious for him to be deter him from his heavenly assignment. He recognized the enormous benefit of His privilege and he would rather die than recant. Throughout his

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