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“Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.” This quote was said by Jesus Christ in Mark 8:34 of the Holy Bible. Jesus has influenced many in this world as the creator of the Christian Faith. With 84 percent of the world 's population Jesus has had a large influence on today’s religion. Jesus has influenced people today with his effect on his community, how he was influential, and his big steps in influencing the world.

To begin, Jesus has influenced our whole world but it started in his community. Jesus started preaching when he was 30 and he was spreading the word of God. People in the Jewish community started believing Jesus when he began to perform miracles. Andrew A. Snelling wrote in his article
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God decided to have Jesus save the world because of all the sin happening. God sent an angel to tell the Virgin Mary she would have a son that would be God’s prophet and spread the Christian faith. In John 4:9 of The Holy Bible it quotes “God has sent His only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him.” This means that Jesus was sent in hopes that we would live by God’s rules. Jesus grew up but was unaware of his purpose so he needed to contact his father, God. In the article Faith in Jesus Christ Russel M. Nelson writes, “He went to Judean desert to meditate for 40 days and 40 night.” Once Jesus learned what God requested him to do, he returned to began spreading God’s word. This wasn’t really working because everyone thought Jesus was lying, but things began to turn around when Jesus began performing miracles. Jesus inspired many with the his religion and continued to preach until he was killed on the cross. He then came back from the dead to continue preaching and when he felt like his 11 remaining disciples were ready he had them spread his word around the world and then ascended into heaven. He then became known as the central figure of Christianity. Jesus was influential for his miracles and the fact that he was “The Son of…show more content…
On’s list of the most influential people ever it was voted that Jesus Christ was the most influential. Many say Jesus wasn’t the most influential because the bible isn’t factual evidence but he is the most influential but he is the center figure for a religion in which 84% of the world believe in. So even if it’s not factual he has still affected our world largely. Jesus once said, “There is only one love that love unconditionally- the love of the divine.” Many live by this quote
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