Jesus Comparture Analysis

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When Jesus enter into another synagogue he came across a man with a shriveled hand, but the Pharisees were looking for an opportunity to accuse Jesus. Jesus told the man to stand up. Then Jesus asked them what is lawful on the Sabbath. He looked around angerly because they remained silent. So he told the man to outstretch his hand and he healed it. The Pharisees instantly began to plot Jesus death. After Jesus and disciples reached the lake Jesus told his disciples to ready a small boat. So he could have some distance between him and the crowd that was following him. He healed many including those with evil spirits, but as he was healed them instructed the demons not to say who he was. Jesus went up on the mountainside were he called forth…show more content…
He sites the parable of the seed that fell on the side of the road, in shallow soil, within thorns, and on good soil. Then he said those who have ears let them hear. When Jesus was alone with his disciples and a few others they asked what the parable meant. Jesus replied that they already knew the answer, but the parable was used so that it might open the eyes of the unbelievers. He goes into detail about the parable explaining that the seed represents those who hears the word of God and believes it. Then Jesus tells them the parable of the lamp on a stand. Stating that nothing hidden will remain hidden. That every secret will be made known. Lastly, be wise because God will only give by how much can be understood and those who understand little will lose what they have. Jesus tells them the parable of the growing seed, comparing it to the kingdom of God. He tells how the seed grow and sprout without the hand of the gardener until it is the day of harvesting. He then tells them the parable of the mustard seed as a comparison to the kingdom of God by explaining how it is the smallest seed, yet producing the largest garden. While Jesus was speaking to his follows he use similar parables in hopes that they might understand, but when he was with his disciples he would explain each parable he used. When evening approached, Jesus told his disciples that he wanting
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