Jesus Of Nazareth Film Analysis

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This week’s films were Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Christ Superstar. The portrayal of the character’s faith in Jesus of Nazareth were realistic to how the bible portrays them. Them being Jesus and the others such as Mary, the dimples, and more. In this film, Jesus is seen or portrayed more as a divinity than human. The film portrayed him as this calm and calculated person. He did not say much but when he spoke it was straight to the point and powerful words. He used scripture to speak and his power was seen when he healed the possessed man without needing to touch him. The human side of him was seen by his empathy towards the death of Lazarus when he wept. Which is also why the portrayal of Jesus is realistic as this was in the bible. As for the other characters, like in the synagogue, their faith was portrayed realistically as well. Their faith could be described as strong in that they’re of course skeptical when someone walks in saying that they are the messiah. The film helped with the portrayal of all this by the effects like the camera angles, the music, his voice, and Jesus always looking confident and well groomed. I see the elements of redemption and trust in this film. Redemption is seen in this film because Jesus is the messiah or the one who will redeem them. It was also seen in the scene where the man…show more content…
I do not think I would change a thing from the scenes I saw. Everything seemed very planned and put together. With all the small details and effects. It seems like one of those films that when you watch it again you catch some new things. That is also because of how long the film is. As for Jesus Christ Superstar, I have a different opinion. The dancing and singing really took away from what they were trying to portray. For this movie, there was way too much happening in which I felt overwhelmed. If I were an advisor for this movie I would like to tone it down some. This way it is not so

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