Resurrection Of Christ

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The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The essential foundation of the Christian faith, one of having approximately 2.2 billion followers. The very event was the change of several believers and showed who Jesus truly was. Many, athiest particularly, have tried to debunk this event in efforts to disprove the entire religion, to show that they are all mindless followers that believe in is a false God. However, those who do attempt to do so never find the results they expected, rather they receive the answer that changes their beliefs entirely, making them followers of the very faith that they were antithetical with. An example of such change of an individual is the conversion of a man named Lee Strobel in the film “The Case For Christ”.…show more content…
Coming to terms with something is quite an important lesson one can learn from the film. Lee’s realization is a perfect example of such thing. When Lee finally looked over all the evidence and processed everything that had occurred, he comes to terms with the fact that the Resurrection of Jesus was indeed true. Though the movie’s plot is on debunking Christianity, the movie also contains many scenes that express what Christianity really is, love. During the end scenes of the movie when the evidence was overwhelming Lee, there is a brief moment during flashbacks of his journey, when a voice says “why did he do it?” This refers to Jesus dying on the cross. Directly afterwards, a second voice says “love.” This makes Lee have a realization that during his whole investigation, neither Leslie nor God gave up on him and stuck with him till the very end. This event, expected by foreshadowing when the film repeatedly showed Leslie praying that God will take Lee’s “heart of stone and give him a heart of flesh.” To add to furthermore, Leslie endured all of Lee’s drunken outburst which contained verbal prejudice and rageful arguments. These arguments had gotten so severe that Lee reached the point of saying that if Leslie was still to be a Christian, that he may not be able to be there for her. Acceptance is another lesson that one can learn from the film, as shown when Lee dignifiedly accepts defeat as he come to terms that no matter how much evidence he uncovers, he realizes that demystifying the Resurrection would be impossible and decides to convert to commune alongside Leslie. Lee’s acceptance to his defeat and his conversion can give and ideal example of the idea that everyone has the opportunity to change, all they
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