Jesus Resurrection Research Paper

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The resurrection of Jesus is a historical event that really happened, is not just a myth or a lie like some people say it is. It is so important that history is named after this, meaning it impacted the whole world and changed history forever. Jesus the Son of God did die on the cross and then resurrected from the dead. He did what no human has ever done or will do, all because of his unending love and grace for us. This has been concluded through a lot of resources like the Bible, circumstantial and historical evidence. Which include the following points and claims. First that Jesus was actually crucified on the cross and died, second his resurrection convinced his family to worship him as God. Third, how the disciples were completely transformed,…show more content…
One of the most important evidence for this is the transformation of the disciples. Before and after the crucifixion the disciples were timid and fearful, they were terrified of being killed but something changed and that was the appearance of Jesus bodily risen from the dead. The moment they saw Jesus again they were all transformed because they knew the truth. They finally understood that Jesus was God incarnate and that he saves people from sin. That is why all the disciples had a radical change and became bold witnesses to everything they had seen, even to the point of dying for their beliefs. Therefore if the crucifixion and resurrection were not true then there would not be a point of them dying for something that is just a lie and made up it just does not make logical sense. For example, Simon Peter who was a coward that denied Jesus three times but after the resurrection became a courageous leader who later on ended up crucified upside down because of his convictions. I chose to believe this claim because only through Jesus a person can change like that, no person ever changes night to morning into a totally different person and it is pretty trustworthy that they were willing to give up their life because they protected and proclaimed the truth instead of giving up if it was just a lie. As well as women being the ones who discovered the empty tomb. Women during this time were considered second-class citizens meaning not reliable or well respected, therefore if the accounts had been made up the author would not have used women to tell about such an important story. Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene and another woman when they when to tell the disciples even them would not believe the women. So that leaves the author with no choice but to report what actually happened. Therefore the fact that women were the first eyewitnesses of Jesus resurrection and
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