Jesus's Resurrection Theory

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Jesus’ Resurrection
Jesus’s resurrection.
“I have come to one conclusion that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is either one of the most witched, vicious, heartless hoaxes ever foisted on the minds of human beings—or it is the most remarkable fact of history.”
Following the death and Resurrection there has been some speculation of conspiracy and alternative theories denying the resurrection. The whole idea seems a little crazy when said alone, but when it is backed up by a number of facts supporting the resurrection is entirely logical. But what are some of the conspiracy theories going around? And could any of them be true?
So let’s set the facts straight. If an empty tomb is not evidence enough I don’t know what is, for the tomb to be empty
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Saul is despised Christ and prosecuted Christ’s followers. It was a life shattering for Saul when Christ appeared to him. Saul, now known as Paul is now one of the most important disciples.
Despite the facts people are still denying to resurrection. It takes skill to deny something to obvious, but let me inform you of some of the theories denying the death and resurrection of Jesus.
A popular, yet unlikely theory is ‘the wrong tomb’. This theory revolves around the idea that the woman who identified that the body missing had mistakenly or purposefully gone to the wrong tomb. For this to be correct the decuples would have also had to gone to the wrong tomb. If the it really was to tomb the Jewish leaders would have had no problem reviling a body.
Hallucinations? I have no idea where this idea came from but it is extremely incorrect. 500+ people saw Jesus at one place at on time. A hallucination of this level to effect the people all in the same way would be
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We personally if you were hung up on a cross for a solid 3 days you would be pretty dead. But the theory goes on to elaborate that he lost consciousness from exhaustion and lose of blood, it is said that his blood was clear, this is what happens when a person has been dead for a while, the blood plasma separates. So this theory is another that cannot be supported by fact.
Another theory circulating at the moment is the stolen body. Possibly the most unlikely and hardest to prove. For this to be possible the disciples would have had to steal get past the Roman guards, twice, once carrying a body, then somehow bring Jesus back to life. Which is exactly what the resurrection is, so this theory is a sad attempt at denying the resurrection, as instead it just creates another version of the resurrection.
Though Jesus’s death and resurrection we can look forward to redemption and eternal life, why would anyone want to deny that? By giving the ultimate sacrifice on the cross chances the meaning of death. We are guaranteed redemption, forgiveness and life after death. The body after resurrection is spiritual, beautiful and strong compared to the physical body. The Victory that Christ’s resurrection has achieved eliminates the thought of nothing after death but instead thanks to the death of Jesus, there will be internal
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