Jet Airplane History

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After twenty one years of peace passed, another war was unleashed onto the world. By now, everyone was using their new favorite toy to use in this destructive war, the airplane. With how efficient planes were in the First World War, everyone started to use them heavily in the Second World War and the evolution of the plane begins again. As a result of their new found favoritism planes received a considerably large upgrade to their systems.As Berel author of Aircraft History: The Evolution of Fighter Jets states “Fighter airplanes were initially used during World War I but were powered by piston engines….With piston engines, advancements and performance reaching a peak, the invention of jet engines would lead the way for radical changes in…show more content…
Bombers for the most part had two choices to become better, make the plane bigger to hold more bombs or more the bombs small so they could fit more. In the end, the engineers decided to make bombers bigger. As is stated “The B-26B carried a crew of seven. The pilot and co-pilot sat side by side in armored seats behind an armored bulkhead. The navigator, who also served as the radio operator, worked out of a small compartment behind the pilots. The bombardier sat behind a plexiglass nose cone and —.(B-26B Marauder). Before the Second World War, having this many people up in one plane at once was completely unheard of because planes could never produce enough power to get off them all off the ground. But during the Second World War the invention of the jet engine completely changed that. Do to the switch in engines, planes were able to carry far greater loads and far more people. In addition, to all the people that they had aboard the plane was also carrying who know how many pounds of bombs. THey go on to say “ when not preparing to drop the B-26’s bomb load — operated a .50-caliber machine gun. Three gunners stationed in the rear of the bomber rounded out the crew. Along with being able to hold more weight bombers also were equipped with weapons to defend themselves if they were to come under attack.The bombers most noticeable upgrade was when the U.S dropped the two atomic bombs on Japan, which reached around 10,000 pounds per bomb. In the First World War being able to haul that much weight was only a
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