Jet Airway Marketing Strategy

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Customer Acquisition strategy According to Kotler and Armstrong (2009), finding the right customers that provide a profitable return can be defined as customer acquisition. It is essential for organization to choose the right customers, which is why, organizations nowadays decide to segment their customers and focus more on customers that they can acquire, satisfy best and bring profitability (Jobber, 2010).
• Hassle Free Booking & Travel
• Low Cost
• On Time
Categorization of customers into two, easily discernable segments:
• Agency/Corporate Clients
• Regular Clients
Jet Airway has positioned itself as a premium airline service provider in India. It offers a full-service all-frills facilities across the board. It is one of the only few
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• Dynamic Pricing o With a dynamic fare structure aimed at stimulating more and more travelers to take-up air travel through offering affordable prices, LCCs like SpiceJet offers fares that are significantly lower than most airlines. On the other hand, premium carriers like Jet Airlines, offer comfort, professionalism and a customer friendly atmosphere.
• Focus on Safety o All airlines invests heavily in safety, impeccable maintenance and a high level of expertise. Experienced pilots, engineers and maintenance crew go through rigorous training and are hand-picked for their technical knowledge and expertise so that there is no cut-back in this key area of modern day flying. They also offer travel insurance services for customers via TATA AIG for various unforeseen circumstances.
• Branding Overhaul o Each airline has reinforced its distinct identity and personality, conveyed through stronger, more confident positioning and messaging.
Customer Retention Strategy
By offering its customers value added and convenient services, IndiGo has managed to retain much of its customer base over the initial years. Following are its best
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The launch of LCCs, poached into the market share of the company and in order to take on its rivals and maintain profitability, some airlines like Jet launched Jet lite and JetKonnect. With the closing down of Kingfisher owing to unfocussed company strategy, Jet has decided to shut down operations in Jet lite. The purpose of the above is to maintain profitability and perpetuity of the company.
Shortcomings in the CRM Strategy
While the strategies opted by airlines positioned them as a service provider, they had to spend a lot in customer development and customer retention programs.
Maintenance of aircrafts:
In order to maintain a wide network of locations it travels to, airlines have to maintain more than one fleet of aircrafts in their fleet. This causes multiple issues like inventory management, stock keeping of all aircrafts needs to be transported to all the service centers, non-utilization of economies of scale, etc.
In most cases, there is no mechanism for the consumers to place their feedback in the limelight. While the consumer is the center of a business and all the activities are built around it, in the CRM model, all the CRM activities are centered at maintaining the position of the airlines and no mechanism for consumer feedback is in place.

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