Jet Blue Case Study

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When it came to the execution of Jet Blue’s “One Thing That’s Green’ public relations campaign, they approached it in a multi-faceted manner by selecting a number of communication tactics that they believe were best suited to implement the strategy. First it could be said that they centred their communication around a special event. In addition to this event they also executed many other communication and media tactics in an effort to achieve their goals. These included and would be discussed in turn – Building partnerships with the press, amplifying their digital platforms, promoting their initiative through brand storytelling, sparking dialogue and building a solid social media campaign.
It seems that Jet Blue public relations professionals
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Building Partnerships with the Press – One of the first things that Jet Blue sought to do was to build media partnerships in an effort to maximise both local and national coverage of the and its green initiative. They did this by finding an exclusive media partner to drive this part of the strategy. The partner was Clear Channel who is one of the largest media distributors in the United States. The worked with them to help promote volunteerism and spread theor message of suitability not only in the New York area but also on a national level. Whilst doing this for the ‘On Thing that Green’ campaign they were also subtly pushing the Jet Blue brand. With Clear Channel’s audience reach, information about their tree planting event (special event) could reach both new and existing customers. If reference were to be made back to the above diagram showing the relationship between audience reach and persuasive impact it would be recognised that Jet Blue ticked off the check box of audience reach by implementing such a…show more content…
Jet Blue rewarded their efforts by awarding prizes inclusive of Jet Blue airline tickets for the use of creativity and best practices in these green practices. For every submission, JetBlue pledged to plant one tree (and up to 25,000 trees) through, a nonprofit organization aimed to educate the public about the dangers of climate change.
Using storytelling to build the brand – Jet Blue built it brand story by doing feature on its on board seat back television and online for online it developed a public service announcement. Both of these tactics were aimed at again driving the messaging of initiative and driving viewers to participate in the special event and make pledges to the cause. The video featured popular pop due Karim and featured ways in which we can make small changes to positive impact the
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