Jet Demolition Case Study

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Practical training two was covered at JET DEMOLITION (PTY) LTD, This Company has been undertaking demolition works for the past 27 years, and has a long-term commitment to maintaining and extending our commanding position in the industry. Jet Demolition is the leading, largest, and the most technically advanced Demolition Company in Africa. Jet Demolition offer in-house, full-range demolition services, including advanced mechanical demolition and controlled implosions. Jet Demolition actively pursue ongoing development of skills and equipment, to suit the changing needs of the demolition industry, assuring that all clients of commitment to safety and excellence in all projects we undertake. This is a technically-based company, with various…show more content…
Flotation process has the most important influence for mineral flotation, to choose the rational process depends on the nature of ore, and should also consider the facility of operation, cost and the recovery. For the gold mining that contains only one mineral with gross particles and entrenched uniform, one step grinding and flotation process is usually used. For the gold particles that have variety sizes and entrenched uneven in the gold ore, normally they are placed mercury plate and gravity equipment to pre-recover the gold particles in the grinding and classifier circuit before carry on the flotation process. The above two processes are widely used in gold dressing plant. But for the gold ore with complicated mineral, flotation process will be more complex, for example, separation process in grinding, mud and sand separation process are all applicable in practice. For flotation in polymetallic ore, its process will be more complex, gold enrich normally in some concentrates, and is sold as an associated…show more content…
Since machines were used to execute for both tasks it meant that for us not to be behind schedule our machine must have minimal down time. This was only so by following the correct preventive and corrective maintenance when required. For demolition we used mechanical demolition machinery fitted with special demolition attachments and for decontamination high pressure washer were used. For safety reasons only trained and competent operator were authorized to using this equipment on site. Proper planning had to be done prior any job commences to utilize the available resource in a cost effective way, this involve knowing you machines capacity because you must using the correct machine for each job. This will also help in not abusing you machines thus they will last you longer. During the demolition phase I had a chance to work with an experienced plant electrical engineer as well as the boiler marker. The electrician assisted us will all the needs within the electrical flied and the boiler marker assisted with all the issues related to his

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