Jet Ski Simulators-Personal Narrative

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Panic and hysteria filled the room. Voices were being raised with a tone of fear. A crowd encircled and gathered around a lifeless body. My mind was racing, and I began to feel dizzy. I brushed by many bystanders standing in horror and awe. “Somebody call 911 right now she’s not responding!” one of the parents screamed in dismay. My heart dropped. I saw her limp body sprawled across the floor. I knew who they were talking about, in fact, I was close friends with her. Her name was Katy, and that would be the last time I ever saw her. Ordinarily tt was just any normal day in my church that my family and I normally attended to on Sunday. My church had little arcade full of machines, similar to the ones that you would see in an actual arcade. One of these was one of those Jet Ski simulators that you race on. Everyone loved it, it was typically the most anticipated game out of all our arcade. Two of Katy’s friends hopped on, and she decided to do the same. I noticed that a sticker laid on the back that clearly exclaimed “No more than two persons allowed riding simultaneously.” I heeded the warning and attempted to voice my concern. To my surprise they ignored the warning naively and I walked away defeated, deciding to go find my parents since the service was just about to end and we were about to go home. As my…show more content…
They are there when disaster and tragedy strike, and are vital to playing a role in saving someone's life, that is their job. That day inspired me to be like them, saving people's lives. Saving loved ones and friends from death and harm. To be the person that is needed most in someone's severe time of need. To be able to have the skills to preserve life when these moments and accidents happens seems amazing. When I finally achieve this goal, I will always reminisce on Katy and her accident. She inspired me to become an
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