Jetblue Advertising Campaign

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jetBlue – SMART Objectives
Goal: jetBlue would like to increase the proportion of total jetBlue ticket bookings made on the jetBlue website by 10% within the next 12 months after the campaign launches. jetBlue’s goal to drive bookings directly through its website and see a 10% increase in conversion within 12 months of the campaign calls for a set of concrete and attainable objectives. These need to be based on a cogent communication campaign offering benefits to travelers that they can relate to. Based on the goal, the objectives are twofold; we aim to drive traffic to the jetBlue website and convert consideration to ticket purchase within 12 months of the campaign starting in January 2018.

The objectives are as follows:

Run a paid media campaign in Q1 2018 across Wall
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Therefore, they may become repeat travelers. This campaign targets a younger client base through channels the audience frequents and by establishing positive rapport with a discounted ticket at a meaningful time in their life.

To increase ticket sales on by 10% in Q2, 2018, jetBlue will establish a partnership with Starbucks giving travelers a “Blue Cup” when they order coffee or tea on a flight departing from one of JetBlue’s six focus cities (Boston, LA, NYC, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and San Juan) during April 2018. The cup will have a one-time discount code for 5% off their next flight when they book through

Starbucks has one of the largest customer bases for coffee and tea drinkers in North America. By partnering with them, JetBlue can target in-flight coffee and tea drinkers because they are most likely to share the ‘Blue Cup’ phenomenon on social media and create a digital conversation on the brand’s core. This method is measurable because jetBlue flight attendants track what drink each seat gets on every

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