Jethro Shadracho Analysis

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Relish - “Maybe the two of you will relish a little change from the cornbread.” (Hunt 52) (pleasurable appreciation of anything) They would appreciate a change of food.

Fervent - “And it is my fervent hope, Dear Jenny.” (Hunt 98) (having or showing great warmth or intensity of spirit, feeling, enthusiasm) Shadrach has enthusiastic hope.

Bolstering - “Your spirit needs bolstering.” (Hunt 91) (to add to, support, or uphold) His spirit needs to be upheld.

Jethro has been doing more work around the farm and given more responsibilities since his brothers left to fight in the war. When Jethro is tasked with going to town, he is harassed by people that think his dad is a Confederate sympathizer because his brother Bill left to fight
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Motivation - Jethro is motivated to work hard on the farm by his father and other family members. He wants to show that he can do it.

David Burrow
Background - Not much is told about his background except that he isn’t liked by many people.
Major Flaws - David is is very temperamental and likes to stir trouble with People.
Emotional Needs - David feels very angered when he sees Jethro because he thinks of Jethro’s dad as a traitor because of Bill. David feels as if he has to let Jethro know what he thinks about Bill and his dad.
Motivation - David is motivated to think of Jethro’s dad as a traitor and harass Jethro by Bill joining the Confederacy.
The characters’ qualities affect the story and plot by creating tension and showing how the Civil War affected people with different ideologies.

Question of the Week
Jethro is a young, white, farmers son. David Burrow is a white adult.
Jethro is the protagonist because the story follows him. I would have to say that the Civil War itself is the antagonist. The Civil War is what makes all of Jethro’s brothers leave the farm and creates many of his family's

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