Jewel-Personal Narrative

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When I was 6 I was forced to horseback and I hated it. One weekend , when my family was upstate my friend Mia’s mother invited us to the barn they had been riding at. When we arrived I remember my initial response to the stable. I was focusing on the horrible smell when I walked into the stall I stopped thinking about it. Instead I looked up at the 16.2hh horse, Jewel, in front of me. I was 7 and about 4 foot tall and one hand is four inches so Jewel was 5’6”. As a result of her size I was terrified. After a trainer tacked up my horse for me because I had no idea what I was doing. I walked to the mounting block when she told me i would have to get a “leg up” I didn’t know what a leg up was so I walked over to her and she said put your foot in my hands and then jump…show more content…
She pushed me up onto Jewel and my friends and sister walked out with their horses my sister had a bratty 13hh paint pony named King, Mia was riding the horse she liked name Prestige a 14.3hh bay pony, and her brother was riding Peanut a 15.1hh chestnut horse. We went on a trail ride which was like a longer version of the pony rides at fairs. We got back and I was terrified of getting off, but after I did I was in a lot of pain
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