Jewish Children Holocaust

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During the Holocaust Nazi’s particulialy killed Jews and their children. Jewish children weren’t given any mercy during the holocaust even though some of them were still babies. Childhood is meant to be a time of happiness and innocence however the Jewish children of Holocaust . Jewish children these were separated from their non-Jewish playmates and expelled from state-sponsored schools ( Jewish children suffered a lot especially from watching families be shot and killed. To the Nazi’s, “children were considered as a “threat” to German society” ( Children killed immediately after birth or in institutions ( Those that survived were hidden by prisoners. “Children over the age of 12 were used …show more content…

Others were born to middle-class professionals. Some grew up in wealth and privilege. A handful came from deeply religious families, while others grew up in an assimilated and secular community. A majority of child diarists, however, identified with Jewish tradition and culture regardless of their degree of personal faith. The diary of Miriam Wattenberg (“Mary Berg”) was one of the first children 's journals which revealed to a wider public the horrors of the Holocaust. Wattenberg was born in Lódz on October 10, 1924. She began a wartime diary in October 1939, shortly after Poland surrendered to German forces. The Wattenberg family fled to Warsaw, where in November 1940, Miriam, with her parents and younger sister, had to live in the Warsaw ghetto. In the summer of 1942, German officials detained Miriam, her family, and other Jews bearing foreign passports in the infamous Pawiak Prison. Published under … “Mary Berg” in February 1945, Miriam Wattenberg 's diary was one of the very few eyewitness accounts of the Warsaw ghetto available to readers in the English-speaking world before the end of World War II. Anne Frank was one of the diaries everyone loved. Anne Frank 's diary took you to the holocaust experience with her family. Anne Frank, who wrote her diary in hiding with her family and a handful of acquaintances in an attic warehouse in Amsterdam, is the most famous child diarist of the Holocaust era.Following the war, Anne 's father, Otto Frank, the sole survivor of the group, returned to Amsterdam in the summer of 1945, where former employee Miep Gies gave him Anne 's diary and some further papers which she had found in the annex after the arrests. The diary first appeared in the Netherlands in 1947. Published in English in 1952 as The Diary of a Young Girl, the wartime journal of Anne Frank has become one of the world 's most widely read books. The Untold Diary Of Nonna Banister is the story of loss, love and

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