Jewish Living Among Christian Doctors Summary

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The author provides some basic information about the Jews and how their colleagues in the medical field began to hate them. The first Jewish doctor, who appeared in Germany in the eighteenth century, emphasized that the Jews adapt a lifestyle that would improve their health. The Christian doctors however, viewed the Jews as being feminine because they paid more attention to their health. The Jews found such stereotypes very degrading. The author points out the fact that there was great competition between the Jewish and Christian doctors because the Jewish doctors dominated the medical insurance and some of the Christian doctors could not earn a living. This caused the Christian physicians to strongly support Hitler in his anti-Semitic movements. I chose this article because it offers some helpful insight about how difficult life was for the Jews living among Christian Germans. The Germans considered them a huge competition and…show more content…
The author describes how Jews were mostly found in business, commerce, and public and private service and theyservice. The Jews were in general more highly educated than non-Jews. She points out that several Jewish politicians and intellects had socialist inclination, and even though this did not apply to the whole Jewish population, they were still stereotyped as socialists, internationalists, and revolutionarrevolutionistsy. This exaggerated stereotype led many Germans to distrust the Jewish community and to consider themJews as enemies of the German nation. The author also mentions that the Jews were accused of neglecting their military duties because most of them failed to enlist in the military. Therefore, they were suspected of playing an important role in Germany’s defeat and surrender. I chose this article because I feel like it provides an explanation as to why the Germans hated the Jews as much as they

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