Jewish People Dbq

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“How could it be possible for them to be burning people and children and for the world to keep silent”. During the World War II, the Nazi party, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler wanted to kill all the Jews in Europe, The Nazis and their collaborators murdered six million Jewish people, including one and a half million children. This terrible period in history is now referred to as the Holocaust.It is hard to care about the suffering of a group of people who are out cast, seen as the “other”espically when violence is threaten if one stands out.

One significant reason why the world stayed silent while jews were exterminated is because leader of major countries feared war. World War I ended around 20 years ago and many countries that were involved in the war were still recovering and paying off the debt. The second part was taking care about the suffering of people who are out cast, The major countries can’t protect you if your under another person influences or control. An addition to thinking of the consequences they will have to put up with by taking this risk.

The propaganda dehumanized the jewish people , which meant that the common people were not sympathetic to them. “They would stop and look at us without surprise” (PG100). Basically meaning that they were not really seeing the bad side of it, they were following
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The world silence was due to the consequences that were written down for them , the risks were very harmful and all countries knew that they have a high chance of losing. This all goes back to WWI Damage that was caused, The second main point was that you don 't have to risk your country for another group of people which are considered as out cast . Lastly the world was very hateful toward the jewish people and many europeans enjoyed what they were going

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