Jewish Persecution Essay

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The Jews were not the only victims of persecution and murder by the Nazis. Homosexuals, Gypsies, Clergy, people with a physical or mental disabilities, Jehovah 's Witnesses, Poles and other Slavs were also victims. Those are many of different type of people that the Nazis had it out for. I only thought that the Nazis wanted to kill the Jews.
There is evidence as early as 1919 that Hitler had a strong hatred for Jews. I know that Hitler was part Jewish so I wonder why he hated them so much. In April 1933 the Nazis boycotted Jewish businesses for one day. The legislation has permitted Jews from some professions. The Nuremburg Laws had made specific Nazi details of who was Jewish. The Nazis had made things not accessible for the Jews. Jews were
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Homosexuality was illegal in Germany under the criminal code. German police invaded gay bars and clubs and made arrests. About 5,000-15,000 homosexuals were sent to concentration camps and some had spent time in regular prisons (“Victims”). According to United States Holocaust Memorial Museum the Nazis saw male homosexuals as weak and effeminate men who could not fight for Germany. They saw homosexuals as unlikely to produce children and increase the birth rate (“Persecution of Homosexuals in the Third Reich”). In 1934 In 1934, the Gestapo (secret state police) instructed local police forces to keep lists of all men engaged in homosexual activities. Some homosexuals were released from prison just to be re arrested so they could be put into concentration camps. In 1933-1945 the German police had arrested about 100,000 homosexual men. The homosexuals were marked with by a pink triangle and they were purposely treated horribly. Some Nazis believed that homosexuality was a sickness and they could cure it by humiliation and hard work. The Nazis tried to cure homosexuality by conducting medical experiments on some gay concentration camp inmates (“Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals”). The personnels in charge of work detail usually gave the homosexuals deadly
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