Jewish Persecution

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Judaism, one of the world’s oldest and most loathed religions in the world has stood the test of time with innumerable counts of persecutions, however it continues to exist today. The statement Judaism has lasted despite centuries of persecution speaks for its undeniable character, is supported immensely. The history of Jews, mark them as a unique group not only because of their depth of suffering but their will to survive. The religion has come a long way and is one of the most followed religions in the world today.

Judaism dates back to nearly 3500 years ago, with the Hebrews in the Middle East.
Abraham considered the father of Judaism promoted the central idea of the Jewish faith that there is only one God, as at the time they worshipped
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Then in the 7th century with the rise of Islam, change was underway. For example when the Muslims conquered Jerusalem in 638 CE, Jews were allowed to worship freely in the city, while Europeans carried out pogroms against them Muslims offered a place for refuge,

So we ask ourselves why was Jewish persecution successful? It was successful because it wasn’t opposed and couldn’t be stopped. There was nothing standing between the persecutors and the persecuted. Nations fused anti- Jewish discriminations in their law books. Jewish persecutions were regarded as natural, much like how white masters regarded their African slaves as mere pieces of property. White Christians were supposed to be supreme and nobody cared to question the ongoing persecutions. However this was different in the Muslim world, where they prohibited the persecution of any cultures let alone
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So we question how has a religion that has suffered so much still exist today? The answer lies behind their undeniable character. With having suffered so much and still choosing to follow the religion aware that persecution is a major part of your religion. This shows that when you truly believe in something fear is merely a feeling. But the simple answer to all this is their devotion to the Torah and its commandments that have kept them going, believing that one day they would live in a world where they would be able to worship freely. Their belief in God and undeniable faith is the result of their survival for centuries, despite being hated by so many nations. Today it is considered extremely evil and illegal to discriminate against let alone persecute the Jews or anything associated with them, denying the Holocaust can lend people in jail in some
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