Jewish Persuasive Speech

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Good evening America! I come to you with great concern about the Jewish people begin tortured and killed every second of the day by the German Nazis. Having to think about this situation just makes me want to cry , because they are preoccupied the Great Depression and its consequences for the United States and the world. Life isn 't about when or where you should be violent , violence isn 't always the answer somethings you can solve without violence and I consider that as bonding and solving problems in a sophisticated way. However life is just going to play its role you can come and go . You maybe wondering what are you talking about President Roosevelt, well i’m saying that in life you are not going to have everything…show more content…
We ought be extremely informed on our surroundings in different countries per say about Adolf Hitler regime and its anti- Jewish policies. The anti- policies were the persecution of Jews a central tenet of Nazis ideology. The Nazi Party members publicly declared their intention to the Jews from “Aryan” society and to repeal Jews’ political , legal,and civil rights. Jews were considered a “race”. The Nazis also thought, that the Jewish Religion was irrelevant, and the Nazis attributed a wide variety of negative stereotypes. This is a stepping stone for us, Americans to stand up and help the Allied Forces to break free the Jews. The true individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made. This is where we should be as Americans to have the ability to be dependent on when another allied country is in the time of distress and need of help. Which in this place the Jews need our help to free them to let their voices be heard. The only thing that we should fear is fear itself and without fear we can’t achieve our goal .The concentration camp seems to be singularly harmless from the outside. Dust on the road,grass was a dull greenish-grey colour. The camp separates the road with barbed-wire fences where you won 't see from the other side of the road where the Germans lived. It 's like marbles in a jar so compacted together and getting shot each day not even
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