Jfk Assassination Conspiracy Essay

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Conspiracies. The list can go on and on: Area 51 and the “Aliens,” are secret societies controlling the world, were the moon landings faked, the CIA and the AIDS virus, etc. One of the most known and least understood conspiracy is, ‘did Lee Harvey Oswald work alone in the assassination of JFK?’ Although the evidence implied that Lee Oswald in the assassination, some citizens remained unconvinced that he had acted alone. There is substantial evidence showing the likelihood of a second gunman. For Oswald to have been the lone gunman, the three following components must all have been in effect; 1) There were at least 2.3 seconds between each shot, 2) No more than three bullets caused all of the wounds. 1) The whole shooting took no longer than…show more content…
A famous home movie of the shooting allowed the timing of Kennedy’s progress along the road to be accurately determined. As Kennedy’s car passed the Texas School Book Depository, it was hidden at first from the sixth–floor window by a large oak tree. There was a period of just under six seconds between the car becoming visible to anyone in the easternmost sixth–floor window and the moment of the fatal head shot. The fact that Oswald encountered reliable witnesses on the second floor shortly after the shooting meant that he would have had to leave the sixth floor immediately after the head shot. The third constraint is that if every shot was fired by Oswald from the easternmost sixth–floor window, all the shooting must have taken place within six seconds. In order to help the media to “convince the public that Oswald is the real assassin,” the Warren Commission was obliged to describe in detail how Oswald, without assistance, was able to kill one man and injure two others. If any of these statements were contradicted by the balance of the evidence, Oswald could not have committed the crime alone. The Warren Commission attempted to deal with these constraints by devising what became known as the single–bullet theory. All three of their points have been proven to be almost impossible, the only real explanation is simple: there had to be a second
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