Jfk Conspiracy Theory

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The term conspiracy theory is defined as a belief that powerful people or groups are responsible for events or situations due to secret plans that are illegal or harmful. There is many conspiracy theories that captivated the American people, but the most controversy conspiracy theory that leaves many unanswered questions for years is the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Friday of November 22, 1963, the 35th President of the United States, JFK, was shot at 12:30 PM while traveling in Dallas, Texas to appear for the next presidential campaign. Thousands of Americans whom was present at Dallas, Texas just witness the murder of the United States president. Many Americans believed that the United States government was behind the JFK assassination. …show more content…

Michael Baden, fascinated by a popular conspiracy whether JFK was shot by more than one gunman, reviewed Kennedy’s autopsy photographs and x-rays numerous times to uncover that there was a tampering in the medical records. Baden believed that JFK’s medical records were tampered in order to cover up certain evidence hidden from the public. A key piece of evidence that captivated Baden’s attention was the x-rays captured in 1966. The x-ray shows a large white thick area in the back of Kennedy’s skull which was unusual. Baden decided to let modern technology to help him understand if the x-ray was indeed tampered with. When looking at an x-ray, a human bone appears to be white while human tissue looks dark. When comparing the x-ray of JFK autopsy, the picture appears as if the back of JFK’s head was completely solid while in a normal skull, it should be translucent. Baden discovered that the back of Kennedy’s head appears as if he had no brains. There is a possibility that in the 1960’s, it was possible for forensics to alter x-rays which provides proof that JFK’s medical records was tampered with and there is a possibility that Kennedy was shot twice in the head at a different …show more content…

Some people can argue that the conspiracy of Lee Harvey Oswald did not act as a lone gunman. The main controversy for many Americans for years is what was the motives that driven Oswald to take down a beloved world leader. According to the New York Times, a friend of Oswald’s wife, Priscilla McMillian, made a statement that Oswald did not hate Kennedy, but rather dislike how the government system was running as a capitalism country and it was tragic that Kennedy supported how the United States was running that led Oswald to assassinate JFK. There is a possibility that Oswald was not a lone gunman because JFK was shot twice in two different areas, the first bullet was shot from the right side of his back and the second bullet was fired, aiming on the right side of his head causing a fatal wound that his head was almost blown. Having two bullets shot at two different places in Kennedy’s body provide a key evidence that Oswald had helped from a second

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