Jfk Decision To Go To The Moon Speech Analysis

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Speech analysis: John F. Kennedy “The decision to go to the moon” On September 12, 1962, the president of the United States JFK delivered a speech at Rice University in Houston, Texas regarding the special effort of the nation. He starts by addressing the president of the university and vocalizes his appreciation for the opportunity of having been conferred to speak before the public. He continues by emphasizing three qualities that are necessary in his time, characterized by different contrasts such as: change as opposed to challenge, hope as opposed to fear and finally knowledge against ignorance. The qualities of which he speaks are present according to President Kennedy in the faculty where they are gathered through knowledge, in the progress…show more content…
It speaks of those who, knowing everything mentioned above, will decide to stay stuck waiting, but there will be others, those who characterize the city, the state and the country that will make the difference and conquer the space. Note the crescendo that the speaker uses when starting with the city to end up in the country. To add more strength to his goal he talks about history and quotes William Bradford who said that all great and honorable actions are accompanied by difficulties and that both must be overcome with responsible courage. Kennedy returns then to his example of the summary history of humanity. Contrasting the nation against the entire humanity saying that as it is written in the history of the human being it will continue to seek greater knowledge and progress whether the American nation decides to participate or not. He makes mention then of the leadership at national level in the dependency of the important decision to dominate the space race that appears before it. Kennedy continues to reinforce his speech by speaking now about the dangers that would be unleashed for the country if it decided against space exploration. The dangers of ignorance and the disadvantage that this would imply in a warlike
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