Jfk Let Them Come To Berlin Speech Analysis

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On June 26, 1963, John F. Kennedy stopped in the city of West Berlin in Germany which, at the time, was under American, French, and British control after the city of Berlin was split into four sections controlled by France, Great Britain, United States of America, and the Soviet Union following World War 2. Kennedy delivered this speech in order to reassure the citizens of West Berlin that they had the support of the Western powers such as America despite attempts from the Soviet Union to destroy West Berlin by blockading all roads and railways into West Berlin and constructing the infamous Berlin Wall to prevent those who were living under Soviet control from moving from East Berlin to West Berlin and achieving freedom. Kennedy used this speech to not only show support to the people of West Berlin, but also to show the Soviet Union that the USA and other powerful nations were backing up the citizens of West Berlin who were willing to…show more content…
The repetition of the statement reminds everyone who believes that a communist government is more successful than a democratic form of government only has to go to Berlin to see the drastic differences in development between the communist East Berlin and the democratic West Berlin. Not only is the western portion of Berlin succeeding economically despite efforts from the Soviet Union to stop this, but the fact that East Berlin had to build a wall to keep citizens of East Berlin from escaping to the western part of Berlin in order to achieve freedom is enough evidence to prove that the citizens of a communist country do not want the system once it is implemented. Kennedy uses this appeal to the logistical side of the argument in order to demonstrate the significance of stopping the spread of a flawed political system that is somewhat appealing to some
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