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The JFK Library and Museum in Boston on scenic Columbia Point, is an ode to one of the most charismatic presidents the United States has ever seen, John F. Kennedy. Most of the exhibits consist of items donated to the museum by his wife, Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis, and the location itself was chosen by Jackie. The JFK museum represents a rare time of bipartisan cooperation in American history, and the untimely death of a great American leader. John Kennedy was elected as the 35th president of the United States in 1960. Though a Democrat, JFK gained support from both parties. JFK took office in the midst of the Cold War. The enmity created by the conflict forced Americans to be more open-minded to all solutions. This combined with JFK’s appearance…show more content…
This was due to an incident called the Cuban Missile Crisis. The crisis was a result of the USSR putting nuclear weapons in Cuba. The, Cuba would be in range to hit the US with weapons of mass destruction. The incident lasted only a few days until the Kennedy administration defused the ticking time bomb. Though a great charismatic leader, one operation puts a blemish on JFK’s report card. This operation was The Bay of Pigs Invasion in which JFK authorized a militia to enter Cuba and attempt a coup d 'état to overthrow Fidel Castro. The communist rule in Cuba knew well in advance of the CIA’s plan, making the attack a complete failure. Inside the museum sits a large portion of what was the Berlin Wall. Although the wall fell in 1989, its construction during Kennedy’s presidency in 1961 nearly started war. With East Berlin losing its professional class to West Berlin, the Kremlin decided to make sure that no one could get out. The large numbers of Red Army soldiers around construction sites lead many to fear that an invasion was nearing. In response, Kennedy put troops on the other side of the wall, both countries insisted on never backing down. That was, until an agreement had been made, and another world war
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