Jfk We Go To The Moon Speech Summary

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At Rice University in Houston Texas on September 12th, 1926 President John F. Kennedy Gave a speech about the new technological advancements that the US would be achieving by midnight that night. The soon to be famous John F. Kennedys “We go to the moon speech” was presented on this day. This speech has been named one of the greatest speeches in history, standing at 18 minutes long, and presented in front of 35,000 people at Rice University in Houston Texas. This speech would be broadcaster all over the country for people to see how we were to change as a country from this day forth. When JFK took his presidency many believed that the US would loose the space race to the USSR, but in this speech he showed how many technological advancements we have achieved over the years; the printing press, steam engines, electric lights, telephones, automobiles, penicillin, nuclear power. He addressed that some people thought we should wait, that we were not ready to go into space, and explore the moon. But he mentioned that this country was not built on waiting, it was built on those who moved forward and conquered their fears. Many people did not believe that going to the moon could be achieved.…show more content…
Even today in history our news is very biased to one side or the other. When you only look at one side you are not understanding the entirety of the history or the problem enough to form your own opinion on it, you are just adapting the opinion of the one primary source from that one person. When you read something from varying viewpoints you may find information that could have conveniently left out of other articles that are crucial to the understanding on the information. And once you have all the information you are able to make a educated and informed decision about your own personal views on the
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