Jfk We Go To The Moon Speech Analysis

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“We Choose To Go To the Moon,” by John F Kennedy Think back to a speech or story that was enjoyable to listen to. Did it have many different components to it that made it enjoyable? Effective and enjoyable speeches do in fact have many different components techniques to them that make them appeal to their listeners. In John F Kennedy’s speech, We Choose to go to the Moon, he used a variety of different techniques such as stress and relating to his audience to explain why the United States chose to begin research to go to the moon in an effective way that was interesting to his audience. One of the main techniques that JFK decided to use within this speech was relating what he was talking about to things his audience could relate to. This technique allowed the people listening to his speech have the ability to relate the ideas and decisions he was speaking about to simppler or more common things within their lives. By doing this JFK kept his listeners engaged at all times during his speech and got them thinking about how going to the moon could relate to them. An example of this would be when JFK was explaining why this was to happen he related to his audience (Rice University) in a series of questions. “But why, some say, the moon? Why choose this as our goal? And they may well ask…show more content…
Yet these two things worked together in many ways too. These two techniques played off each other in ways such as when JFK would ask rhetorical questions to the audience he would break up his thoughts so that there would be slight breaks allowing listeners to think about the question being posed to them, thus keeping them continuously engaged in the speech. Overall, the components used throughout John F Kennedy’s “We Choose To Go To the Moon” created an enjoyable speech for the people listening to him explain why the United States chose to begin research to go to the
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