Jhumpa Lahiri's Character Analysis

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In postcolonial approaches the identities of immigrants are not fixed. The local circumstances and cultural conditions shape the identities of immigrants. In Jhumpa Lahiri’s fiction characters migrate for some or other reasons. Due to migration, Lahiri’s characters do not have consistent identities. This chapter focuses on Lahiri’s fiction to explore the hidden reasons behind the migration of the characters. Before exploring the reasons behind shifting identities, it is reasonable to explore the reasons behind the migration. 4.1.1 Reasons of Migration Stuart Hall has given some reasons of migration in his essay The Minimal Selves. Before migration people are hopeful about their future life. They migrate to achieve some goals. Lahiri’s fiction also highlights these reasons of migration, which have been discussed below:- 4.1.2 Education The first reason behind the migration of major characters in Lahiri’s fiction is education. Everyone wants to get better education in the life. According to Mishra, in the past many people migrated to other countries to trade and to spread religion (47). During the British period, many people from the subcontinent migrated to Europe due to their miseries and sorrows. This situation changes in the nineteenth century, and people migrate for different reasons such as education and better career (48). People around the world migrate to developed countries like England, Canada, America and Australia to have better education in their established
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